Feudum: Rudders and Ramparts

Created by Mark Swanson

Welcome! Currently, all International, non-U.S. orders are shipped from the United States (Florida) and will be subject to VAT (Customs). Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please direct Shipping & Order Support inquiries to: shipping@qmlogistics.com

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The fastest way to receive Customer Service
3 months ago – Sat, Mar 07, 2020 at 02:15:19 AM

Hi folks, 

My assistant Faith and I kindly ask that, if possible, you direct your customer service inquiries to shipping@qmlogistics.com. (You will be emailing Ali or Charles).

This is Quartermaster Logistics' dedicated email for all matters related to customer service including replacement parts, orders, shipping and more!  Rest assured, they will contact me (or Faith) directly if they need our assistance to more complex questions.

As always, your 100% satisfaction is our goal!!!

Thank you!

Mark Swanson

Odd Bird Games

Castle Tower Replacement Inventory + World Wide Shipping Update
3 months ago – Sat, Mar 07, 2020 at 12:38:49 AM

Folks, here's what's going on:

Castle Tower Replacement Inventory

As anticipated, we have depleted our supply of castle tower replacements for now, although customers may CONTINUE to request tower replacements for any warped or defective towers using this Tower Replacement Form. Panda's timeline for manufacturing more towers indicates they will be ready to ship to customers in June of 2020. Please use the form for tower replacements, but use shipping@qmlogistics.com for all other customer service inquiries.

  • Mold Adjustment - 3 weeks
  • Production - 5 weeks
  • Shipping - 5 weeks

 World Wide Shipping Update

North America & RotW from QML

  • Fulfillment Timeline/Status
  •  US & RotW: Fulfillment completed with the exception of 1 order destined for Brazil that is awaiting a CPF confirmation from the backer before their order can be shipped out. The order is packed and ready to go as soon as we get the information.
  •  Canada: Fulfillment is complete as all of the orders have shipped out!

Europe from Spiral Galaxy

  •  Fulfillment Status: Fulfillment of the Wave 1 shipment has completed! (excluding 65 Queen's Army Stretch Goalst we are short)  Spiral will be beginning the Wave 1.5 shipment soon. We will issue refunds on those who did not receive the Queen's Army Stretch Goals.

Australia/NZ from Aetherworks

  •  Fulfillment Timeline/Status: Fulfillment is complete!

Asia from VFI

NOTE: Asia/China has re-opened operations, and VFI is currently catching up on their inventory and fulfillment backlog from what was paused in January. They are still taking strong precautions against the spread of COVID-19, but we can expect operations to start resuming their normal pace very soon.

  • The stocking shipment that was queued up to go to VFI from QML will be shipping out this week now that VFI is receiving again.
  •  Fulfillment Timeline/Status: We can tentatively expect VFI to begin fulfilling later in March/potentially early April. Once we are able to firm up this timeline with them, we will give you an update with a more tangible schedule.

Hot Water Actually Works!!!
3 months ago – Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 11:40:17 PM

Hi Folks, I was a little skeptical about Panda's recommended fix for warped and misshaped towers, but lo and behold.... it works!  Here's the fix Panda suggests: "Our recommendation is to put them in hot water, around 70 degrees, and then leave a token inside them as they cool. Make sure the water isn't too much hotter than that or it could affect the paint."

One backer named Russ wrote to me recently about his success.  If you already requested a replacement, no worries!  But, if you are inclined to try the hot water fix, you might be as lucky as Russ, who not only fixed his towers, but he corrected a submarine that was too snug!  See below.

"Hi Ali (and Mark),

Good news! I’ve just tried the ‘hot water fix’, and both my submarine _and_ my castles were fixable. I’m very pleased to say that all of my figures from the R&R expansion are perfectly usable now.

I’ll attach a picture of the submarine the way it came, in case you’d like to see for your own purposes – the opening was crimped shut at the top and couldn’t fit the pawns until the hot water allowed me to reshape the whole piece.

Also, I already submitted the form for replacing 3 of my castles (before the hot water fix was suggested.) I hope you’re able to cancel this replacement.  If not, please let me know and I will be happy to send the replacements back to you, at my expense.

Best regards,


Possible Tower Fix + Worldwide Fulfillment Update
3 months ago – Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 11:23:06 PM

Hey folks!  Lots of info to pass along from Panda Manufacturing and from Quartermaster Logistics!  I hope this is informative!

What Might Have Gone Wrong with Towers...

Panda heard back from their plastics team about the issue. Here is their explanation of what could have gone wrong...

  • Shrinkage during the injection process
  • Deformation in process of taking the castle out of the injection machine
  • Shrinkage during the painting operation, and the thickness of the painting also has an affect on the size
  • Deformation during the gluing operation

Possible Tower Fix...

Panda said  that putting the castles in hot water can help restore the castles' shape. Some of the castles may be too small regardless, but for some putting them in hot water will make them a better circle. Our recommendation is to put them in hot water, around 70 degrees, and then leave a token inside them as they cool. Make sure the water isn't too much hotter than that or it could affect the paint.

Worldwide Fulfillment Update

North America & RotW from QML

  • US & RotW: Fulfillment is underway and nearly complete! The majority of orders will have received tracking emails by now, and the remaining few will be going out very soon.
  • Canada: Fulfillment is prepared, and will be on it's way to Canada shortly. The caravan with the orders is expected to arrive in Canada late this week, and the orders are currently projected  to begin shipping out middle of the week after. Your Canadian backers will have received tracking emails already, but please note that they will not start to see movement on the tracking until the caravan arrives in Canada. We will keep tabs on the progress  and will be able to pass along another update next week.

Europe from Spiral Galaxy

  • Panda will air ship the remaining Queens Army Stretch Goal items to Spiral Galaxy.
  • Shipping has resumed as of Monday with the discussed approach of starting with the orders without Queen's Army Stretch Goals first, then shipping out the orders until Spiral  runs out of the item, and then shipping the remaining orders without the Queen's Army Stretch goals.

Australia/NZ from Aetherworks

  • Fulfillment Timeline/Status: Fulfillment for this lane is currently scheduled for the week of 2/24, and everything looks to be in order. We will pass along another update next week.

Asia from VFI

NOTE: Until Asia/China re-open operations fully, we have very limited information about VFI's status and cannot expect  much movement in this lane. They are currently expecting to be back operational earl mid March. We are keeping very close tabs on the situation, and will pass along updates as soon as we have them.

  • There is a stocking shipment that is queued up to go to VFI from QML as soon as we have verification that they are open for receiving again.
  • We cannot put a very firm timeline in place for the Asia lane until operations are fully re-opened, but it would not be until mid-late March at the earliest as  things currently stand.

Castle Tower Replacements!
4 months ago – Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 01:20:40 AM

Hello folks!

Some of you who have purchased the expansion, Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts have a warped tower(s) that require a little push or pinch of the castle for the Feudum disc to fit. If the warpage is minimal, we thank you for working with the tower(s) you have! However, some of you have a tower(s) so warped that it will not accept a disc, or it would damage a disc if it was forced.  We are very sorry this occurred!

Naturally, Odd Bird Games and Panda stand behind this product and want you to be 100% satisfied!  If you wish to have one or more of your towers replaced (brown, yellow and/or blue), please fill out the form at the following link for a FREE replacement! 


Currently, I have a small supply of replacement towers on hand, but Panda intends on making more in the near future.  Please know that this is an issue I had discussed with Panda previously. It was something I had given feedback on after receiving samples. Panda is sure that the molds for the castles are all the same size, but unfortunately there was still some variance in the castles. I will be working with Panda closely to figure out why this variance occurred and to make more replacement parts.

 Due to the Coronavirus situation in China, Panda's factories are currently shut down. They are hoping to be able to reopen fully in early March, but the health and safety of everyone in China is our number one priority. This means that figuring out why this problem happened, and making more replacement parts will take longer than we'd like. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding, and we'll keep everyone updated as we get more information.

Mark Swanson & the Panda Team